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What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a type of insulation material that may contain asbestos. Now don’t be confused, vermiculite is not ‘asbestos’, and not all vermiculite contains asbestos.

Vermiculite is a natural mineral that was used predominately between the late 1920’s to the late 1970’s. Some of the vermiculite mines contained asbestos and some did not. This is why you must test the vermiculite if it is present in your property.  Many homes contain vermiculite insulation due to the beneficial characteristics of asbestos. The process of removing vermiculite can be extensive and needs to be done by professionals to ensure that the asbestos does not cross contaminate the property and pose a health risk to those exposed. Certified technicians must follow industry standards and protocols to ensure their own safety as well as the home owners.


Today, Vermiculite insulation is no longer used, however there are still mines that produce vermiculite for other purposes. These mines are tested regularly to ensure that there is no asbestos present.

The prolonged exposure to asbestos is very harmful to one’s health. When the fibres within the asbestos are released, by being disturbed, the body breathes in these fibres and they are trapped in the lungs. This can lead to lung scaring and in extreme cases, cancer. Monitoring the conditions of any material containing asbestos is highly recommended to ensure it does not become airborne.

If you suspect that your home, property or office may contain vermiculite you should bring in an asbestos certified inspector to check it out. If vermiculite if found, it should then be tested to see if it contains asbestos. If the vermiculite has been disturbed, than extra precaution needs to be taken.

Canada’s Restoration Services' process of any Vermiculite Removal, Asbestos removal or mold removal is outlined and tested over and over again. The end result, we pass every time we are tested.

Insulation removal and especially insulation with Vermiculite has to be done by professional companies that have training and insurance in place for this type of service.

Vermiculite In Attic

Removal of asbestos is a very complex and extensive job. It must be done by an experienced and certified contractor. When disturbing an asbestos product, extreme precautions must be taken to protect the worker from breathing in the fibers.

Asbestos Containment  Vermiculite Protection

Canada’s Restoration Services provides Asbestos Removal Services from all types of surfaces as well as Vermiculite Insulation removal.
We are a certified asbestos removal company providing you with the solutions for all your asbestos concerns. With free estimates and great services you will not want to look anywhere else.

        Asbestos Removal Vermiculite Removal  Vermiculite Removal

Canada’s Restoration Services is the contractor of choice for Mike Holmes, Make it Right. Our combined knowledge and experience allows us to perform the Vermiculite removal together in the most professional and cost affective way in the market.

If you know or suspect your have vermiculite insulation, give us a call! If testing is necessary, then we can arrange for 3rd party testing or if testing has been completed, and the vermiculite contains asbestos, we will schedule a FREE inspection and estimate.


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