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What Does Asbestos Have to Do with Construction?

Asbestos is dangerous to the human body, causing illnesses like cancer and mesothelioma. It was prominently used before the 1980s to build houses as it was proven to be long-lasting, strong and fire-resistant. Asbestos removal in Toronto is essential to undergo to make your home safer and to keep you healthier. Canada’s Restoration Services is a restoration company in Toronto that can assist with safe asbestos removal services. If you live in a house that was built in the 20th century, you may have asbestos in your home in the following areas. Call us to get your removal process started. 

asbestos removal in TorontoWall Insulation: Asbestos insulation resembles cotton or can come in a spray form. It’s typically used to slow the transfer of heat. 

Ceiling tiles: Whether you have tiles or popcorn ceilings, they are most likely made of asbestos. This was used for sound-proofing and fire-proofing. 

Cement and Concrete: Asbestos in cement and concrete is less dangerous than in other materials as it cannot be decomposed into a powder. This makes it a bit harder to ingest as quickly. 

Flooring: Certain floor tiles contain asbestos. These tiles can appear greasy or oily and discoloured. In some instances, asbestos can be present in the caulking and adhesive of the floor. 

Asbestos Removal with Canada’s Restoration Services

Once you detect asbestos in your home, call a professional to take care of it. Asbestos removal should only be done by professionals to accurately eliminate all particles. With the incorrect equipment, you can put yourself at further risk of ingesting the harmful mineral. 


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