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What is Lead

Lead is a natural occurring metal that was used as a building material in homes and buildings before the 1990's. Lead was used for many purposes until it was discovered that lead causes toxicity in humans. If lead containing materials (including lead paint) is disturbed, they become airborne and can be extremely dangerous for your health if inhaled. Once inhaled, the lead distributes throughout the body and bones and can lead to lead poisoning. Symptoms of lead exposure include:

  • visual and hearing impairment
  • nausea
  • nervous system damage
  • liver and kidney damage
  • delays in development
  • reproductive issues
  • death

Before renovating or removing any walls, a lead test may need to be conducted in order to prevent contamination throughout your home or business. It is important to be aware that there are no safe levels of lead.

Lead Test

In order to confirm if lead is present in your home or building, a lead test needs to be conducted. A led tester needs to be executed on the walls by a certified professional expert that will provide accurate results from accredited lead labratory. At Canada's Restoration Services, our restoration experts will perform a lead test in the affected area by collecting a sample of material and sending it to an acreddited labratory. Results are received within 48 hours and a detailed report will be sent to you confirming if lead is present or not, along with the recommended steps that need to be taken.

Once lead has been confirmed, we will proceed with lead abatement. A containment is set up to prevent the lead from spreading. After the containment is set up, Canada's Restoration Services specialists will remove the lead from your home or business. It is important that you call a professional restoration company when dealing with lead or else you may contaminate the rest of your home or business. A lead test kit will not provide accurate results and should not be used as a tool to identify is lead is present or not.

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