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What Are the 3 Types of Asbestos Abatement Work?

Asbestos removal in Toronto is a very skilled and niche service that requires expert knowledge and understanding. When choosing a company for asbestos abatement, you should always look for certified and trusted professionals. It may be tempting to consider lower asbestos removal costs, but safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to abatement. At Canada's Restoration Services, we offer safe and effective results. 

There are three main types of asbestos removal work. What kind of asbestos abatement your property requires will vary depending on the type of asbestos-containing materials found during inspections and testing results. Your asbestos removal costs will correspond to the type of work required. At Canada's Restoration Services, we offer affordable and cost-effective asbestos removal in Toronto. 

Here is a guide to the 3 types of asbestos removal work you can expect.

Class 1 Asbestos Abatement

asbestos removal costs TorontoClass 1 asbestos removal in Toronto and all of Ontario is the most hazardous type of abatement. This type of abatement involves removing asbestos fibres from thermal insulation systems, such as vermiculite attic insulation and other insulation materials, such as pipe wraps, ducts, tanks, and other building materials that play a role in managing heat transfer. Because these materials usually have the most dangerous types of asbestos, often made from the amphibole mineral group, it poses a substantial risk to asbestos abatement contractors and anyone in contact with the materials. Careful removal tactics are required for the successful removal of these materials. As a result, the cost of asbestos removal may be higher than the following two types of abatement. 

Class 2 Asbestos Removal Work

Class 2 asbestos removal in Toronto is still a risky process. Here, the removed materials are used in non-thermal applications such as walls, floor tiles, sheathings, and other construction materials. asbestos in this situation can be either friable or non-friable. Still, all instances are considered dangerous and must be treated as such. During type 2 asbestos removal in Toronto, everyone must be fully dressed in protective gear, including disposable coveralls and NIOSH-approved respirators, to prevent exposure to dangerous asbestos fibres. 

Class 3 Asbestos Removal in Toronto & Ontario

 The third class of asbestos abatement work in Toronto is the most common. In this case, asbestos removal in Toronto is conducted when there is a risk of asbestos-containing materials becoming disturbed during construction or maintenance. Generally, class 3 asbestos removal can be considered preventative, but it must still be treated as a serious matter and be handled by trained technicians. If asbestos fibres were to become disturbed, by physical contact, be it touching, sawing, or even a strong gust of air, everyone in the vicinity would be at risk of exposure. Still, during class 3 asbestos removal, protective gear must be worn correctly, and all other safety precautions must be taken.

Scheduling Asbestos Removal in Toronto

Don't hesitate to schedule an asbestos inspection when you encounter asbestos or are planning construction on the property built or renovated in the mid-to-late 20th century. Asbestos removal in Toronto will protect you and the people around you. Trust Canada's Restoration Services is a leading asbestos abatement company serving Toronto and other Canadian cities. Our teams offer affordable asbestos removal costs and highly-reliable services. 

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