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When Was Asbestos Used in Canada?

asbestos testingAsbestos was used to build homes in Canada from 1960 to 1990. It was not known to be a dangerous product until much later. If you have a home or building constructed during that period, it is recommended to perform asbestos testing, and if asbestos is discovered, then the process of asbestos removal in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada should commence as soon as possible. To learn more about asbestos removal, contact Canada’s Restoration Services. 

Why Was Asbestos Used in Canada?

Asbestos was mainly used in Canada to insulate homes to keep them warm and noise-free. Asbestos was also fire-resistant and was used for fireproofing. Asbestos was cheap and abundant in Canada, so it became a reliable source of building supplies. 

Materials That Require Asbestos Abatement

A variety of building materials from the 1990s and prior require asbestos abatement. House siding, insulation, and roof products from that era often contain asbestos. Asbestos can also be found in popcorn ceilings and vinyl floor tiles. Asbestos testing should be performed immediately if you are concerned about asbestos in your building. 

Book Your Asbestos Inspections with Canada’s Restoration Services 

If you are concerned your home may have asbestos, it is worth calling Canada’s Restoration Services and exploring if there is asbestos. We can perform an inspection and send our trusted, experienced professionals to take care of everything related to asbestos removal for you and your family or business. We can not stress enough that asbestos is hazardous; we have the proper equipment and know the regional government regulations for safe asbestos removal. 

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