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How to Know if You've Been Exposed to Asbestos?

Initial signs of asbestos exposure are shortness of breath, dry cough, tightness and pain in the chest. Granted, these can appear for many ailments, but it is best to see your doctor immediately if you believe you have been exposed to asbestos. If you feel you are currently residing or working in a space with asbestos present, don’t hesitate to get asbestos testing on the premises immediately. Canada’s Restoration Services are experts in asbestos removal in Toronto

asbestos testing and removalSlow Progression of Illness From Asbestos Exposure

The tricky aspect of asbestos exposure is that it can take 10 to 40 years after exposure to develop symptoms. Aside from the initial symptoms, more severe health complications can develop over time. Further scans can be performed to help determine if you have been exposed to asbestos. Scans can show pleural plaques. These are areas of thickened tissue in the lung made of hyaline collagen. 

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that can also develop from asbestos exposure. This is why we always stress that if you are working or living in an older property, conduct asbestos testing to lessen the risk of exposure. 

Asbestos Removal Toronto & Canada’s Restoration Services

In the unfortunate event that your home does test positive for asbestos, you can feel confident that you can rely on Canada’s Restoration Services to take care of the asbestos removal from your property in a safe and efficient manner. We have trained and certified professionals who are leaders in asbestos removal in Toronto. 

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