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First and for most if you have found Asbestos in your home that is damaged or fraying or cracking if possible seal the area off from the rest of the living space and keep any children or pets and traffic out of the area. Do not vacuum or sweep any fallen Asbestos Fibers/Asbestos Dust or disturb in any way, this will only allow for the Asbestos Fibers/Asbestos dust to become further airborne. You will also want contact a certified asbestos Company in your area immediately; they will be able to inform you on the best next step for the asbestos in your Home or Business.

“It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it.”


1.       Asbestos Inspection and Testing
       In most cases Canada’s Restoration Services will refer you to a 3rd party Industrial Hygienist (Indoor Environmental Specialist) or certified Asbestos Inspectors for the testing and initial inspection of the Asbestos in your home or Business. This prevents any potential conflicts of interest when it comes to ensuring the Health and Safety of everyone involved.
2.       Scope of Work
       The Industrial Hygienist or Asbestos Inspector will come up with the appropriate scope of work and guidelines for us to follow precisely. The scope of work is based on their findings in the initial inspection and Asbestos Testing. The scope of work is developed for your specific case and is based on a number of factors:
       Type of Asbestos Materials (Example: Tiles, plaster, HVAC System, Insulation, Vermiculite, etc.)
       Level of Asbestos found in the materials
       How big of an area has Asbestos
       Type of building
       Access to windows and outside
       Type of occupants (Example: small children, People with immune deficiency: in these cases we go above and beyond the protocols that are necessary.)
3.       Asbestos Containment and Equipment Set up
       Canada’s Restoration Services will set up all of the necessary containment based on the scope of work set up specifically for your case. As well as the appropriate number of Negative air machines/ Air Scrubbing Machines (with hepa filtration systems) based on the scope of work. These Machines will not only effectively clean and filter the air throughout the Asbestos removal process, they also create the Negative pressure that is necessary to prevent cross contamination throughout the Asbestos removal process. Nobody except for our Asbestos technicians will have access to any of the containment areas throughout the Asbestos Removal Process to ensure everyone’s Health and Safety and the Prevention of Cross Contamination.
4.       Asbestos Removal Process
           Canada’s Restoration Services’ trained and certified technicians wear full P.P.E throughout the Asbestos Removal Process. This includes: Protective suits, Shoe Covers, Full Face Respirators and Double Gloves. The Asbestos materials are first completely wet with a binding agent and continually sprayed throughout theAsbestos Removal Process to ensure they remain wet and the Asbestos Fibers/Asbestos Dust are not able to become airborne. All wet Asbestos Materialsand Debris are immediately placed in 6mm poly Asbestos Caution bags and sealed. All garbage is removed safely and carefully from the premises and brought to the appropriate facilities for Disposal of Asbestos Materials.
5.       Cleaning
       To clean and ensure all asbestos fibers/ Asbestos Dust are removed effectively we use a combination wet mops, sponges and rags (All of which we do not reuse, they are disposed of after each job.) and hepa vacuums. Also all tools, supplies and vacuums are cleaned, bagged and sealed before removing from the containment areas.
6.       Clearance By a 3rd party Industrial Hygienist or certified Inspector.
7.       Removal of containments
       Containments and Barricades are removed only after clearance has been obtained for the Asbestos Removal Process.
8.       Reconstruction
       Canada’s Restoration Services Reconstruction department can now provide you with a free estimate. Then replace and restore your home or business to your liking.
Canada’s Restoration Services is a Certified and Insured asbestos removal and Mold Removal company providing you with the best solutions for all of your asbestos & Mold concerns.
With free estimates and great services by our certified, experienced and trained staff you won`t want to look anywhere else.
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Canada’s Restoration Services provides Free estimates for asbestos removal and free visible Mold inspections in Toronto, Montreal, Laval, Ottawa and Edmonton.
* Please note that testing may be required and is not part of the free visual inspection. Canada’s Restoration Services Steps for Complete and Safe Asbestos Removal


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