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Ivan & Irena - 16 January, 2020
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Paul (branch manager) and JM (estimator/operations manager) helped us immensely during the entire stressful process of trying to get rid of mold in our sunroom. They entertained my endless questions and emails over the past couple of months. Fast forward to the clean up time... Technicians Mo and Zakir - I don't know where to start. I'm absolutely speechless about the level of professionalism, dedication, attention-to-detail and enthusiasm from these two amazing humans. I'm really glad I was able to be around when your staff came over to get the job done. They put my mind at ease over many of the things and stages of clean-up. I'm very pleased with the entire process and their dedication and hard work in trying to preserve things that I hoped to salvage. Unfortunately for us, there are additional things that will need to be repaired, which were outside of the scope of the job these two gentlemen were tasked with. However, even with additional work - Mo was able to advise us and give us a piece of mind on the next steps. THANK YOU for going above and beyond. 
Angelica G. - 5 December, 2019
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I highly recommend this company! We had the pleasure of dealing with Jean Michel and had a very positive experience. Excellent customer service and nothing but professional! Quick to respond to your questions and concerns. We contacted the company about asbestos removal for a house we had made an offer on and received a call back not too long after. He was able to find the time to do our inspection the same day seeing as we had a limited time frame to proceed with buying the house after inspection . He is a truly honest person and very informative. Don't bother calling another company! My husband had contacted other companies and they do not compare to the customer service we received from Canada's Restoration Services.

Thomas Karall - 23 September, 2019
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Jorge called me an hour before coming over to make sure I was still available. When he arrived he was very friendly and informative. I was mid renovation and he told me exactly what I needed to do so I could get the job done. He told me he didn't want to take my money as it looked like I had it under control. Very friendly and excellent service! Would highly recommend him.

William B. - 29 March, 2019
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Finding Mold in our home was scary. I went online and found Canada's Restoration Services. They arrived the next day and conducted a free mold inspection. They put together a report that showed the extent of the remediation and a quotation. Thankfully, they safely got rid of all the mold. I would recommend this company to my friends and family. 

Catherine S. - 14 March, 2019
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I called Canada's Restoration Services once I noticed mould in my basement. I was a little bit frustrated because I didn't know what to do because I have never had this problem before. I was so impressed with how professional and trustworthy the company was. They were very honest and explained everything to me in detail, after they put together a report. The team got rid of the mold and put myself and my family at ease. Canada's Restoration Services was such a big help! 

Jetta Claws - 13 August, 2018
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We first used Canada’s Restoration Services (CRS) two years ago when we discovered a mold issue under our kitchen sink. I chose CRS for that job because of their many excellent reviews and I wanted a company experienced with mold. The spores are dangerous when released into the air, and we have a family of asthmatics. The mold had spread under the floor and down to the basement but the foreman, Jon Tarves and his team at CRS did a great job. Plus, their financing options made a large and completely unplanned reno job become financially feasible!

Randy Stell - 12 September, 2014
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prompt service - kept us up to date on the steps - billed to the estimate I| approved discussed the work with the adjuster - they left our home cleaner than before they started 

Peter M. - 17 October, 2014
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Canadas Restoration Services team did an excellent job in the mold removal in my bathroom. Project manager Rob Clendenning was very professional and went above and beyond and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. 

Jeff - 5 January, 2015
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I wasn't sure how much mold I had or the extent of it. it was in my kitchen on plaster. I thought it was drywall. Caleb came and advised that it was surface mold ( about the size of a toonie)and cleaned it off on the spot. I have an old house ( over a 100 years old) and he took the time to go through it to ensure there were no other issues. in total, caleb spent about 25 minutes at y house, explained the mold issues, and did not charge me for the service call. I will recommend as he is very knowledgeable on the subject.


Helen - 5 January, 2015
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Thanks to caleb and his crew for removing the mold in my basement. there was a crack in my foundation and the mold had spread. not only did caleb remove the mold safely, he also took care of the foundation and got a company to fix that. thaks for your help

Helen London

J.K. - 15 January, 2015
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just want to thank caleb and canadas restoration for the professiona mold removal job they did in my basement. we don't go down to often. it was floor to ceiling mold. stayed on time and budget.


Adam - 13 january, 2015
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we had mold in our attic. I found canadas restoration services on line. caleb, the manager, was quick to respond and give me an estimate. they stayed on schedule and very clean! attic looks great guys.


David - 1 December, 2014
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I emailed the company and got a call back right away. Caleb came out and assessed the mold in my basement. I received the estimate by email that night.i decided that I was going to use their services. the job was planned out and they stuck to the time line. I want t thank Caleb and his crew for keeping the job site clean, and I would recommend Canadas restoration services.

Thank you

Brock - 25 November, 2014
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From the first time CRS came by to do an estimate to the time the actual job was completed, CRS was AMAZING! So professional,extremely friendly and felt comfortable with all the work being done and most importantly we feel safe in our home. They were also so patient while waiting for the insurance claim to go through. We would hire them again and trust them with any recommendations or advice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

leslie and jim - 10 November, 2014
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We had mold in our attic. caleb, the manager of London came and told us exactly what was going to be used to remove the mold , the process and the timeline. I was quite pleased that they stuck to the time line! I would recommend canadas restoration for mold removal.

Stan - 16 September, 2014
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called Canada's restoration services after the heavy rains. Caleb came out and assessed it. his crew soon followed cleaning up and saving some of my wifes valuables in the basement. they were efficient and professional. the rebuild was done before my neighbours started!! thanks ,


M. Frost in Edmonton - 10 January, 2017
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Very professional and explanation of what needed to be done. Work performed was excellent and done in a timely manner. Very friendly people and a pleasure to work with.

Amy in Burnaby - 23 March, 2016
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This is my second time working with Canada's Restoration Services and specifically Andrew in the Vancouver location. Previously we needed to have some asbestos removed and this time was for mold removal. Andrew everyday was so pleasant and went through everything thoroughly with me. He was very professional to deal with and best of all, he was always on time!

Brenda in Ottawa - 2 March, 2016
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Roberto and his crew were very professional from the first estimate to the needed remediation and the final clean up. The attention to detail was amazing especially with preparing the room with the tarps. The team was very personable and made us feel confident that this job was going to be done right. Canada’s Restoration Services was prompt, very fairly priced and always with a smile. We would not hesitate to recommend this group of people to anyone who find themselves in need of their service.

Rosario in Montreal - 17 February, 2016
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Looking for an effective and honest company to decontaminate my place, someone strongly suggested me to contact Canada’s Restoration Services. What a wise advice! Under the CRC Regional Director’s coordination, Marc Fortin and his Montreal team (Julio and Luis) simply performed an awesome work. They took care of knowing in detail the origin of the damage, knew at any moment what to do, and performed their tasks in a confident, safe, and amazingly efficient way. Besides their undeniable technical expertise, this CRC team definitively excels in their exchanges with customers. I am thus not only satisfied with the service provided, but also very thankful for their extraordinary support. Congrats!

Sandra D in GTA - 6 January, 2016
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On discovering what I thought was mould in a basement storage area, I contacted Canada's Restoration Services.  The very next morning, a Project Manager, Aris, came to inspect the area.  I was relieved to be told that the black area was actually some type of paint rather than mould.  I appreciated Aris' integrity and his respectful attitude (as I did feel rather foolish).  He took the time to explain how a mould situation would actually look and smell.  When looking for a contractor, trust is crucial.  A proper assessment, honest communication with the client and expertise in completing the job is paramount.  Thank you!

T.S in North York - 2 October, 2015
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Don't look anywhere else! Canada's Restoration Services are honest and true to their word. I had original hired another company to do the mold removal and they ended up cross-contaminating my home - my own fault for trying to do the cheapest option possible. In a panic, I called CRS and they came out right away. They sealed off the affected area's and started the cleanup right away. Clearance passed with flying colours; I am so grateful for your help! Never again will I make that mistake!

Jan Woodworth - 23 September, 2015
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A special thanks goes out to Roberto in Montreal. Being at a lost with our mold issue, he came to our rescue. He took the time to explain and break everything down and when he sent the scope of work it layed out from start to finish what the process would be. I feel so much safer knowing that our home is mold free and have Roberto to thank!

Michael - 11 September, 2015
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Thank you to Andrew and his team out in Vancouver. Andrew was great in explaining the steps of removing the mold in the attic, and his teams were punctual, polite and efficent on the removal. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs mold removal services. 

Alan G - 11 August, 2015
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The team of Chris, Jose and David seem to have done a careful, thorough job after the initial assessment and subsequent quote from Gabriel (Ottawa office). I feel confident that all damp and mold issues in my basement have been eliminated and I can now begin to re-finish it. I would use CRS again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reputable company to undertake mold removal using the proper techniques and equipment while observing the mandated protocols for containing its spread.

Dan Gold in Toronto - 29 July, 2015
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What a relief. Our house is mold free. The mold removal process seemed "scary" , after contacting Canada's Restoration Services - we felt better. Professionalism, very good customer service, fair price, mold removed after they follow all the mold removal protocol they said they will. . Thank you Canada's Restoration Services.
Lyna R - 1 July, 2015
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Had mold in my attic that needed removal, called Canada’s Restoration Services in Toronto, the remediation was done quickly, and I could sell the house with no issues, will recommend them to all my friends.
Jaried - 4 May, 2015
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Great work completed in my home for mold removal in the bathroom. Roberto, the Branch Manager was wonderful, polite and very professional. All the mold was removed in one day and then I had the construction department put the drywall back. All around, great experience and I highly recommend Canada’s Restoration Services for mold removal. 

Jean L from laval - 6 January, 2015
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I live in Laval , we had Mold, Roberto came out to inspect . The estimte for Mold removal was very clear. The team that came to work did a very good job and left the place clean.

Merci for the great service.

Karen J. - 10 June, 2015
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I must say that a lot of mold removal companies have a bad name, but I can honestly say that this company is amazing and one of a kind! I brought out three companies to quote on mold growing in basement. When Canada's Restoration Services sent out Jon, it was like night and day compared to the other companies. Jon took the time to explain why the mold was growing and what remedial steps were needed in repairing the source. He took the extra time to Thermal Scan the area's in determining that there was in fact moisture sitting in behind the walls. Without a doubt, I hired Jon and his team to remove the mold. They arrived on time and were completed on the set timeframe. Without a doubt, this is the company to choose! 

Danny in Mississauga - 3 April, 2012
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Callled about mould on my windows and was concerned for my children. Spoke to a lady and gentlemen and they both listen to my description and assessment in detail. In the end they provided me with basic remediation instructions for my problem and put my mind at ease regarding my problem. Needless to say first class group! thank you, Danny

Lui G - 30 March, 2012
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We own several buildings; one on Yonge St. Unfortunately water got it and created Mold. I contacted Canada’s Restoration Services. We met on site (had to wait 30 minutes for the tenant, but that was ok by the inspector). The estimate was clear, very detailed. I gave the ok and then they started to coordinate with my tenant. The job was performed to our satisfaction and a 3rd party air testing company verified it. Canada’s Restoration Services is a PLEASURE to deal with. Highly recommend them for mold removal.

Patrick - Laval - 1 February, 2012
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Mold removal in laval . Perfect job, clean and fast. Very very satisfied!!!!Thank you Canada's restoration services!!!.  we were happy we found an honest company.

Mark S - 21 October, 2013
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Amazing service. Highly recommended! Found and very neatly removed every inch of mould in our home. Had all 6 walls restored for us the same day and left the place spotless and the smell of mould removed. Their prices are very fair too. These guys are the mold pros. A big thanks to Canada's Restoration Services from me and the family!!

Jake from Montreal - 21 October, 2013
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I want to thank Canada's Restoration Services in Montreal for helping my family. The mold was found by a home inspector in our attic just before we were suppose to sell the house . The crew got rid of all the mold , the cleaning of the mold was very good. The inspection after the job said they did an excelnt job.

Lisa - 21 October, 2013
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Remarkable Service. We had mold in our house. We called Canada's Restoration Services. They called us back very fast, came the same day, gave a clear estimate, the team worked very well and all the mold was removed. Great company

Ben in Newmarket - 26 March, 2012
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"As with other reviewers I was very impressed by the service provided by this company. What i liked about Canada Restoration Service:- Were quick to turn up, inspect attic and provide quote, (others did not provide quote despite turning up, or had to be reminded to provide quote);- Clearly explain process they use, warranty, need to remove insulation etc,- Effectively removed mold without leaving a trace/evidence of mold- sealed off area, put protection on floors etc- completed job when stated but were also willing to accommodate my changing schedule I highly recommend. Thanks Marat."

Lyne E - 21 March, 2012
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"Asbestos can be scary to a home owner. I was told by a company we have asbestos in the attic. We asked Canada's Restoration Services to help us and they did. They gave their advise , referred us to other good companies when needed. Response time was very good. They deserve good reviews !"

Steven L in Maple - 17 March, 2012
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We moved to a new house, the inspector found mold in the attic. We called Canada's Restoration Services. Darren came by and was very very helpful. He described everything in detail, the estimate was provided the same day. the insulation company that they sent came as well and were very good. They promised a 4 day process and it took exactly that. The service and the staff were very good.

Guy - Laval - 17 February, 2012
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I highly recommend these guys they do great work!!! Awesome customer service and they go above and beyond what I was expecting. The mould removal was done perfect. They really care about the quality of their work. Thanks Guys Mel Hamlin  

Sam in montreal - 21 January, 2012
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Roberto and his team did a very good job with the mold removal. Great service, good results, good comapny. Canada's Restoration Services should be your first choice for mold removal in Montreal .  

Gail from Brampton - 15 March, 2012
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We had mold in our house. Canada's Restoration Services performed the job in a very professional manner. We were happy with all the people we dealt with. The results of the clearance test were good and proved that the mold was removed . We will gladly recommend this company. Thank you !

Joe R in Hamilton - 19 March, 2011
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I noticed a small area with mold on one of the walls in my furnace room and wanted it removed right away as we have a young baby at home and this stuff (mold) is not healthy to live with. I found Canada's Restoration Services on-line and was quite impressed with the info their website offered so I called them. They were able to show up the next day after I mentioned a young child living in the home so I was already impressed. After they inspected my basement 1 wall turned turned into 6 full of mold!!! And they showed it to was not pretty - I felt invaded and wanted it all out ASAP - and that is what they did for me.

This company is extremely professional, punctual, courteous and most importantly clean! They are clearly specialists in their field and they know exactly what they are doing. They had a ton of mold removed in hours... and they worked very diligently without pausing. They involved me throughout the process making sure I knew exactly what they were doing and why. I was mostly impressed by their clean up crew (having dealt with messy and inconsiderate contractors in the past). There was not one spec of dust left anywhere once they were done... you would never know that anyone was there removing huge pieces of drywall infested with disgusting mold that day. My house smelled great (I didn't realize how much of an odor the mold was creating until it was gone) and we literally felt as though we just moved into a new house that day. Knowing what has been removed from my home has allowed me to actually sleep better at night with the feeling that my family is breathing clean and safe air! If you have mold in your home... these are the guys to call 1,000%!

Allen - 5 December, 2011
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 Absolutely amazing Service! Professionalism in every sense of the word! both me and my wife are extremely pleased and recommend their services! Treated our basement and passed air testing the first time as promised, we are very happy, now we can breath clean air in our home without any worry! Thanks guys!

Mr. Gutman - 8 November, 2012
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 To Whom it may concern,


As a physician, I was quite concerned when I discovered a huge mold infestation in my basement. I knew the significant health risks that it posed, and wanted to correct the problem right away. I had called a number of mold removal services for evaluations, and based on a combination of cost, knowledge and thoroughness, it became quickly obvious that the choice would be Canada Restoration Services. I was not disappointed! An excellent appraisal was followed up by work commencing almost immediately. This was done with professionalism, courtesy and a generous amount of reassurance. Attention was paid to my families needs and convenience, and above all, health issues. Just an excellent all round job, well done!


Dr. J.G., DDO, Montreal.

(Mrs) Anne Altosaar - 14 November, 2012
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To Whom It May Concern

Re:  Roberto Lamas         Maggie Gray         Nick Bakos   We needed to have some mould remediation work done at the church and used the services offered by Canada Restoration Services.   Initially, I met with Roberto Lamas, Quebec’s Regional Director, to obtain an estimate for the work to be done. He was very professional, providing detailed information, and clearly answered many of my questions. He also had a very pleasant manner about him.   The work crew (Maggie and Nick) started work on Oct. 15, 2012.  They also were very pleasant and knowledgeable. They worked well together. Both Maggie and Nick showed great interest in their job and demonstrated an ability to be decisive and to answer and explain the methods used. The work was completed on time.   They were a very nice group of young people to carry out the needed work.   (Mrs) Anne Altosaar Chairperson of the Church Council  
Avi from Thornhill - 27 April, 2013
Star Icons

I wanted to thank the team at Canada's Restoration Services for the great work! I was absolutely amazed on how quick and efficient they were. They came to my house the day after i called to inspect the mold growth in my cold cellar and i got an estimate the same day. Booked the job for the same week and all the mold was gone. I would recommend them to anyone and was 100% satisfied with their service. Thanks! 

Melanie & David Arbuckle - 8 June, 2013
Star Icons

We dealt with two disasters over the past year.

In 2012 we found mold throughout 80% of our house and in 2013 we had a basement flood with a water level of 15 inches. In both cases we contacted Canada Restoration Services. Roberto, Maggie and their crew were outstanding and prompt. They explained every stage of the process and answered all our questions with professionalism and courtesy. They did an excellent job in making sure that the house was clean after they were done. They helped to reduce our stress levels considerably and we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone!!  


Melanie & David Arbuckle




George Cui - 21 October, 2013
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 To Whom It May Concern,

  I am writing this letter to thank Gil Naparstak and Canada Restoration Services for the excellent service they provided when I had a mold growth in my rental house.  When I called Canada Restoration Services for a damage assessment, Gil Naparstak answered my call very quickly.  He is an easy to talk to, go straight to the point type of guy.   Gil Naparstak got me an estimate very quickly, price is very reasonable, and there are no hidden or add on charges.    Once I agreed to the estimate, Canada Restoration Services team arrived on site in a timely fashion, worked extremely fast, efficient and professionally. They made sure the mold issue has been dealt with.    I feel that I received excellent service and result thanks to Canada Restoration Services.  I am a happy customer and I would recommend Canada Restoration Services to anyone out there with a mold issue.   Thanks again,     George Cui  
John Marin - 29 October, 2014
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We were looking for a company to remove mold in our basement. After looking online we decided to contact 2 companies.

We compared a few things: 1. Time it took to get back to us, book the Mold inspection and receive an estimate. 2. Clarity of the estimate. 3. Cost to removal the mold.

Our decision was easy to make, we choose CRS and so happy we did. The project took the exact time they promised , the teams working left the house in a very clean condition.

The project manager was in contact with us through out the project and was always available to answer questions.

We would highly recommend this company.

A.A - 1 November, 2014
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I put my house up on the market and when the Home Inspector came in he found mold in the attic, much to my surprise. Seeing as how I had an offer on the home I needed to move quickly. I researched quickly and came across Canada's Restoration Services. I gave them a call and spoke to Jasmine who re-assured me that this is very common and ran me through what to expect. The next day, Alex came to my house to take a further look. He ran me through the procedure and provided me with an estimate. He answered my many many questions and made me feel at ease. The following week the job was booked and my house was mold free! The offer went through and everyone was happy! Thank you so much Canada's Restoration Services, you saved the day!

P.B - 30 October, 2014
Star Icons

We had mold in our attic for about 4-5 years. Didn't really bother removing it till we decided to sell the house. And here where it all started. Buyers went in and out with home inspectors and every one was pointing to the attic and telling us its a huge issue and we have to take roof down and so on. We called Canada's Restoration Services - in the begging just to get second opinion on what to do with the roof. Alex - inspector came buy and explained us what to do and how to do it properly - WITHOUT ROOF REMOVAL - . We felt that we can trust Alex and Canada's Restoration Services and hired them to remove mold from our attic. Job was done and we sold the house with 10 year warranty on the attic. Thank you for saving our "roof" and sale of the house. Will recommend Canada's Restoration Services to everyone we know.

Sarah Pedersen - 6 June, 2014
Star Icons

 I just wanted to take a quick moment to commend one of your GTA staff members- Alissa.

As a mother with two young children in the house I was quite worried when I found black mould underneath my basement carpet.   I spoke with Alissa who put my mind at ease and was very helpful in explaining the next steps to me.  I was worried about being taken advantage of as I am NOT a handyperson.  

I don't do this very often, but I wanted to let you know that you have an exceptional employee and your company has exceeded my expectations. 

I will definitely use your services in the future (although I am hoping not to have to!) and I will recommend your company to my neighbours and friends.

Thanks again

David Brown - 19 November, 2014
Star Icons

Andrew came out and gave an estimate in a timely manner for the removal of mould from our bathroom. The job was completed within the time he estimated and within budget. We are very pleased with the Service from Canada's Restoration Services. He told me the Vancouver office was relatively new, but the work was excellent. 

Kelly Capraro - 17 October, 2014
Star Icons

Canadas Restoration Services team did an excellent job in the mold removal in my bathroom. Project manager Rob Clendenning was very professional and went above and beyond and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. 

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