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Asbestos Removal Services in Toronto, GTA

Planning a renovation, demolition, remodel, or property maintenance?

If your residential or commercial property was built or its construction materials were manufactured between the 1960s and 1990s, you could be at risk of asbestos exposure. 

Is Asbestos In Your Property?

asbestos inspection TorontoWithout an asbestos inspection or asbestos testing in Toronto, the hazardous mineral can be a well-kept secret. Hidden in anything from pipes to concrete, it cannot be identified by a distinct smell or colour, leaving property owners unaware that they would be safer with asbestos removal in Toronto. You cannot determine whether you need asbestos removal services by the scent or the physical characteristics of the mineral. If you get close enough to asbestos-containing materials to assess their properties, colours, texture, or even shape, you are putting yourself at risk for asbestos exposure.

The best way to prevent exposure to hazardous minerals is with trusted asbestos testing and inspection services in Toronto and elsewhere in the GTA.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, our professional Asbestos inspections, asbestos testing, and asbestos removal in Toronto and the GTA region, are the best ways to identify asbestos, assess the risk, and remove it completely.

When to Get an Asbestos Inspection Toronto? 

Historically, asbestos was used to fortify residential and commercial construction materials, most prominently used in the late 20th century.

  • Are you planning a renovation, demolition, or maintenance? 
  • Was your property built between the 1960s and 1990s? 
  • Were any of your building materials manufactured before 2000?

An Asbestos Inspection in Toronto Will Tell You:

  • Where Are the Asbestos-Containing Materials? 
  • How Much Asbestos is On-Site
  • What Condition is the Asbestos (Friable or Non-Friable)?
  • Is There an Immediate Risk of Exposure? 
  • The Next Steps for the Best Asbestos Removal in the Greater Toronto Area

If your property was built between the 1960s and 1990s, you’re at a higher risk of having asbestos in your building materials, so you should get an asbestos inspection before doing any intrusive work on the property. However, the most complete ban on asbestos was not mandated in Canada until 2018, so even if your property was built or renovated more recently, professional asbestos inspections and asbestos removal in Toronto are still a smart move. 

Manage Asbestos Removal Costs

The discovery of asbestos on your property usually is a surprise, and as such, it's not often within the budget. Nevertheless, asbestos removal is critical and can't be delayed. To help property owners help manage asbestos removal costs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Canada's Restoration Services offers free visible asbestos inspections, so you can easily confirm whether asbestos testing and removal are required. If you qualify, you can make asbestos removal costs more manageable with low interest or interest-free installments. 

What Factors Affect Costs of Asbestos Removal in the GTA?

  • Location of Asbestos (Basement, Attic, Roof etc)
  • Concentration of Asbestos (Greater or Less Than 1%)
  • The Number of Affected Materials

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asbestos removal Toronto and GTA

Canada's Restoration Services is Canada's #1 Asbestos Removal Company. We have completed thousands of asbestos and vermiculite jobs in Toronto. As a leader in the restoration industry, we provide our valued customers with reliable and quick restoration services in the GTA for residential and commercial buildings. Canada's Restoration Services has highly trained IICRC certified professionals performing asbestos testing and Toronto asbestos removal. We offer free asbestos inspections in Toronto - asbestos inspections in Toronto can cost up to $600.

When is Asbestos in Toronto a Risk?

Asbestos becomes dangerous when its fibres are released into the air. This can be when the fibres disintegrate over time, becoming friable or when there is contact with the mineral usually through maintenance, cleanup, or construction, causing fibres to go airborne. 

Some of these actions are:

  • Touching 
  • Hammering 
  • Cutting 
  • Wetting 
  • Removing 
  • Sawing

To be safe, a preliminary asbestos inspection around your Toronto property is an effective way to prevent future exposure by identifying any contaminated materials and rooms before the mineral is disturbed. Asbestos abatement contractors in Toronto at Canada’s Restoration Services use advanced technology, industry best practices, and training to carefully assess the risk of asbestos on-site and recommend the next best steps.

The Comprehensive Process for Asbestos Removal Toronto

As the asbestos professionals in the region, Canada's Restoration Services provides a step-by-step process when it comes to asbestos abatement. We service both residential and commercial properties and engage the property from the roof to the basement. It’s a comprehensive process that includes everything from insulation, to plumbing, to ductwork, and even the HVAC system.

  1. Asbestos Inspection: During the inspection process, with a cost, asbestos samples are sent to a 3rd party laboratory
  2. Asbestos Testing: Samples are analyzed to determine the level of risk associated with the found asbestos
  3. Work Scope: We prepare a detailed scope of work and follow the process through to completion
  4. Asbestos Containment: With asbestos, negative air machines and air scrubbers allow for full containment 
  5. Asbestos Removal: Asbestos removal involves the safe removal/disposal of asbestos waste materials
  6. Clean Up: Technicians ensure that remnants of asbestos fibre and dust are totally eliminated
  7. Clearance: An independent 3rd party will provide clearances on removal and remediation work

Safe Processes for Asbestos Abatement Toronto: At Canada's Restoration services our team of expertly trained technicians use protective gear, containment protocols, industry best practices, and regional safety guidelines to ensure that propeties and people are safe and protected during asbestos removal in the Greater Toronto Area. Read more about how we keep you safe during asbestos abatement here.

What are the Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure in Toronto

While some asbestos fibres are more dangerous than others, all pose serious health risks when exposed. The damage to someone’s health from exposure to the fibres is dependent on a few variables: 

  • amount of asbestos fibres in the air
  • how long your exposure lasts
  • how often you were exposed
  • the size of the asbestos fibres inhaled
  • the amount of time since your first exposure
  • the type of asbestos fibre

Depending on the combination of these factors, health risks could range from mild to severe. The main concern is the damage it causes to the lungs, once the fibres get lodged and impair lung function. Health risks that have often been observed in individuals exposed to asbestos have included:

  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Cancer of the Larynx
  • Ovarian Cancer

The risks of asbestos exposure are still being studied. Materials containing asbestos fibers are highly hazardous when the conditions begin to degrade. Monitoring the conditions of any material containing asbestos is highly recommended to ensure it does not become airborne. If the product has deteriorated ,it is essential to not to further disturb it and have a certified asbestos expert inspect your Toronto property immediately, remove the asbestos properly, and return your property to a safe environment.

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Asbestos Testing in Toronto 

asbestos abatement contractors TorontoFor professional asbestos testing in Toronto, it’s important to hire a service team that is trained and certified. In Toronto and the GTA, Canada's Restoration Services provides a comprehensive approach – from asbestos testing services to complete asbestos removal.

We offer professional asbestos testing in Toronto for both residential and commercial property owners. Asbestos (or with asbestos-laden materials) should always be handled with care and concern due to the potential health dangers for residents and occupants. Working with Canada's Restoration Services, property owners are assured of work that’s done right. When dealing with asbestos, it’s not a good time to undertake a DIY effort. Asbestos issues require experience and expertise, and the work is best left to professionals.

Asbestos testing is required to determine if asbestos is present in your home or business.  A sample of the asbestos will be carefully taken by a certified project manager. This sample will be sent to an accredited asbestos testing lab where they will test the asbestos. The results are received within 48 hours and a detailed report will present a different kind of asbestos and the percentage of asbestos fibers there may be in the asbestos material.

We advise homeowners and business owners to call Canada's Restoration Services to perform asbestos testing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Asbestos samples taken by an unqualified company can disturb the asbestos and create contamination through your home. Along with an asbestos test by the IICRC certified Canada's Restoration Services' Team, we will conduct a free asbestos inspection where we will assess where the asbestos is located in your home, the damage and destruction it has created and develop a report. This report is a detailed scope of work which includes our findings and our solution. Asbestos abatement can begin as soon as asbestos has been confirmed with an accredited asbestos testing lab report. 

Professional Asbestos Testing Services Throughout the GTA

With countless companies offering asbestos abatement services, it’s very important to choose a qualified service team. At Canada's Restoration Services, our in house asbestos experts follow strict safety protocols and industry guidelines. We do our best to prevent any cross-contamination so that residents and/or occupants aren’t exposed to health risks.

During our asbestos testing procedure, we provide asbestos samples for a charge to a third-party lab to verify the materials – this is a mandatory part of our procedure. In addition, we provide customers with a cost estimate on the work involved. When asbestos removal is complete, a formal certificate of work is provided (the certificate is transferable for the property).

As a procedure, asbestos removal is complex. A team of experienced and certified technicians must undertake this work. Most importantly, comprehensive safety precautions must be taken to protect from asbestos fibers. Property owners should never remove asbestos on their own – the potential health and safety dangers are simply not worthwhile.

Asbestos Abatement in Toronto 

asbestos removal company TorontoOnce asbestos has been confirmed, asbestos abatement can begin. Our certified project managers follow a strict procedure and guideline for asbestos removal in Toronto. The asbestos specialist will follow the asbestos removal procedure depending on various factors including the type of asbestos, where the asbestos is located, and how much asbestos there is. There are three main types of asbestos: 

Type 1 - Chrysotile: Referred to as white asbestos and is the most commonly encountered asbestos. It is often contaminated with amounts of tremolite and is extremely hazardous. Chrysotile asbestos can be commonly found in asphalt, roofing materials, and textiles. 

Type 2 - Amosite: Referred to as brown asbestos and was commonly used in cement, insulation, tiles, and roofing. 

Type 3 - Tremolite: Colours range from white to dark green. Tremolite is responsible for many asbestos-related illnesses and is commonly found in paint, plumbing materials, insulation, and roofing. 

GTA  Abestos Removal & Canada's Restoration Services

The asbestos removal procedure begins with inspection and set up containment. This prevents contamination in the rest of your home or business. After the containment has been set up, Canada's Restoration Services professionals will place negative air pressure machines to prevent contamination of air outside. A HEPA filter is utilized as well to keep asbestos from becoming airborne. We also double wrap and wipe down all affected materials and use an asbestos safe waste disposal to prevent any asbestos fibers from escaping. Once the asbestos removal procedure is completed, we present to you an asbestos certificate that guarantees that the asbestos on the affected material has been removed. 

Trust Toronto’s #1 Asbestos Removal Specialists

Asbestos Removal Toronto InfographicsCanada’s Restoration Services provides asbestos removal in Toronto. Our certified technicians are able remove asbestos from any location; whether it’s in the attic, wrapped around piping, around duct work, floor vents, vinyl tiles and or from plaster.  

At its height of popularity, asbestos was used extensively through different methods, but primarily it was used in building materials. Asbestos is known for its sound absorption, durability and resistance to fire, electrical and chemical damage. These characteristics, plus its affordability, made it the prime material to use for manufacturers and builders. Asbestos was best used as insulation, in walls or ceilings, or as electrical insulation, such as heating systems. It was also often mixed with other materials, making it commonly found in many household items. Asbestos has been found items such as: shingles and felt for roofing; pipe and boiler covering; compounds and cement, such as caulk, putty, roof patching, furnace cement and driveway coating; textured and latex paints; acoustical ceiling tiles and plaster; vinyl floor tiles; appliance wiring; hair dryers; irons and ironing board pads; flame-resistant aprons and electric blankets.

Don’t risk your health, consult with our specialists for a FREE inspections and FREE estimate on the proper steps on the asbestos abatement. 

Removal of asbestos is a very complex and extensive job. It must be done by an experienced and certified contractor. When disturbing an asbestos product, extreme precautions must be taken to protect the worker from breathing in the fibers. 

We provide:

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Inspections
  • Removal
  • Abatement
  • Removal in Attics
  • Free Estimates
  • Removal in Ducts/HVAC systems
  • Vermiculite Insulation Removal
  • Removal in Basements
  • Removal from Pipes
  • Tile Removal
  • Reconstruction

For Asbestos Testing in Toronto Trust Canada's Restoration Services

At Canada's Restoration Services, in-house technicians provide asbestos testing services for customers throughout the GTA. Our people are IICRC certified and experienced in all aspects of asbestos abatement. Whatever the size of the project, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. For professional asbestos testing in Toronto, it’s important to hire a service team that is trained and certified. In Toronto and the GTA, Canada's Restoration Services provides a comprehensive approach – from asbestos testing services to complete asbestos removal.

Working with Canada's Restoration Services, property owners are assured of work that’s done right. When dealing with asbestos, it’s not a good time to undertake a DIY effort. Asbestos issues require experience and expertise, and the work is best left to professionals.

When required, Canada's Restoration Services has a company division that can provide urgent service around-the-clock. For asbestos testing, removal, and remediation in Toronto call us right away.

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