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Canada’s Restoration Services knows how important to our clients it is that we are still available to them even during these unprecedent times. When you need our services, Canada’s Restoration Services is available 24/7. Need to book an inspection? Not a problem!
Here’s what you can expect when you contact us;

Pre-Screening - during your initial call to Canada’s Restoration Services our customer service representatives will answer any questions you have regarding the services you need and provide the information request. While booking an inspection our Customer Service department will ask;

Has anyone in the home had any

After answering the questions our customer service department will book an inspection accordingly for a date and time that works for you.

Inspections - we understand that not everyone is comfortable with having people in their homes during this time, so Canada’s Restoration Services has initiated our Virtual inspections Service. How does this work? During your initial call to Canada’s Restoration services our customer service department will ask if you are looking for an onsite inspection or would prefer a virtual consultation for our services. If you would like to have a virtual consultation you will need to have access to a smart phone or laptop with camera. We can take it from there.! And not to worry we will still provide the same type of service as we do during our onsite inspection.

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What precautions are we taking in our offices?

Our staff in every location must complete and checklist at the start of each day before they can enter a job site.

Each office has implemented the following daily tasks;

  • Temperature checks of each employee every morning
  • Visitor log for each branch is kept
  • Cleaning of all touch points in all our office locations to be completed regularly through the day based on traffic through offices.
  • We encourage our staff to keep contact to a recommended distance while in clients homes as well as in our offices.
  • All of our offices and vehicles are stalked with hand sanitizer, masks and PPE

How have operations changed because of Covid-19?

Canada’s Restoration Services has always ensured that our clients are always our top priority as well as our technician who will carry out the work in your home. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we understand that completing work that needs to be done in your home can be worrisome for homeowners to complete as some companies have had to close completely. Canada’s Restoration Services early on in the pandemic decided that we would take measures so that work could continue in our client's home. We consulted Ontario Health guidelines


We formed a task force in our head office location to focus on safety guidelines to adhere to for each one of our offices' locations across Canada for our technicians, office staff and Managers to enforce Health and safety guidelines https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-support-workers

Our mission statement has always been “its not what we do, its how we do it” so for us moving forward and getting our clients taken care of was a smooth transition in the face of the pandemic. Our inspections have remained available with precautions’ in place with the added service of virtual inspections.

Canada’s Restoration Services has made it our mission to service all our clients whether it one of our original services which includes:

Our Covid services include;

All these services come with a complete checklist that we have compiled based on our disaster recovery department which has vast knowledge in virus cleaning and disinfecting of homes, nonresidential spaces, hospitals, commercial spaces, restaurants movie theaters, schools, warehouses etc. We have made sure that all the guidelines and protocols have been covered.
Canada’s Restoration Services remains available to all our clients to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our customer Service department is available 24/7 via phone, email, Facebook and Instagram. Our branch managers are ensuring that no customer is left without the best care, clear and honest information and that its business as usual. Our dedicated technicians and office staff are working none stop to help with the job sites, offices, and warehouses to keep them cleaned daily, stocking PPE, and hand sanitizer, and posting the latest Covid 19 health and safety guidelines so that no one is being put at risk including our clients.

What can our clients do?

Our clients can make sure to follow the guidelines that are set in place by Health Canada not only for themselves and their families but for any workers that may be working in their homes. Before we enter your home, we ask that you notify us of the following if it pertains to you or a family member that is living in the home or if anyone has been in contact with anyone who has the following symptoms;

Our clients can refer to https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-coronavirus

Please contact any of our locations at any time to inquire further about our services at 1-888-551-0514 or via email at:

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