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Residents Stick Through Calgary Flood, But The Worst Is Still To Come For Many

 A subject that may not be discussed much in the news lies within the fact that there are actually many individuals that are right in the middle of the storm. That is not because they live there per se, but because they chose to not leave there when warned to evacuate by the city. This is even so after the fact that three bodies were found dead between High River and Highwood River.

Of the bodies found, none have been identified yet. One was even unable to be recovered due to where it was located. It is believed that this was a female that ended up carrying down the current through Longview, approximately 20KM from town. This belief comes because of a missing report issued by two survivors that were camping and could not find the female they were with after evacuating the area.

Why Did Residents Decide To Stay Through All This?

There are a few reasons why residents may not have decided to pack up and leave. Some people are just not in tune with the news and do not associate with people on a regular basis. Others may have decided to stay with the intent of looting houses or businesses. This makes up for the minority though.

What is believed to be the reason behind most of the residents that chose to not relocate is because they simply have a spiritual connection with the city or their home. It can be very difficult to leave the area and sub-conscious boundaries are sometimes created as a result. Additionally, some individuals simply had nowhere to go and felt they had to stay home because of that fact.

Recovering From The Water Damage

There is no denying the severity of the storm. The smart ones would have grabbed their valuables and left their home once receiving their evacuation order. However, whether you left the area or not, the damage that occurred, as a result, will be no different. Flooded basements, flooded attics, vehicles that are now write-offs, personal belongings being irrecoverable, they are all just some examples of the after-effects of the storm.

For many, the most important thing after returning to the area will be bringing their life back to how it was before they had to leave against their will. This is expected to occur in a timely manner as many have acted on the call to duty and remain high spirited for their hometown.

A complete flood clean up of the city is expected to be underway in the coming weeks, especially with the Calgary Stampede getting close. Homeowner’s are  also going to have to begin looking into their water damage and restoration requirements so they can work to bring their property back to proper living condition. For anyone that has become a victim of severe water damage, the highest recommendation comes in an emergency restoration service as they will make sure to get their property cleaned and repaired before the flooding has a chance to further the damage.


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