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Prevent Mold Growth

How can you prevent Mold Growth?

1. Remember what causes Mold and look out for it: Mold needs organic material to be wet/damp with a lack of air flow to start growing. The airborne Mold Spores settles on this wet, organic material and will start to grow. Here are a few common area's for mold to grow:

  • Under the Sink - Dripping water from the pipe will cause mold to grow inside on the cabinets. If this is not caught in time, the mold will spread and make it's way through the cabinets.
  • Wood in a cold cellars - Older homes will have wood beams, shelving and structures in the cold rooms / cellars. Due to the lack of air flow in these rooms, it gives Mold prime location to grow.
  • Windows - Between the condensation that can occur, dust build up, and blinds or curtains creating a lack of air flow - mold will grow on windows.

Mold in Coldroom  Mold Under Kitchen Sink  Window Mold

2. Dust control – Mold particles are smaller than dust; so mold spores will attach themselves to the dust particles and travels with dust. Less dust = less Mold

3. Address moisture issues. If you know you have a leak, get it fixed asap. Do routine checks of your plumping and hookups to ensure there is no leaking.

4. Air Flow - we need to create air flow, especially in damp places:

  • Lack of ventilation in the attic that has condensation problems can help mould grow.
  • Furniture pushed right up against the walls can cause a lack of airflow and mold will start to grow.
  • Do not pack closets full of contents - leave breathing room.

Mold on Wood  Air Flow Mold  mold in Closet

5. Bathroom fans - leave them on at least 30 minutes after a shower.

Remember to check these uncommon area's to ensure that no mold growth has started. These are the most common area's to find mold growing:

  • Windows
  • Cold rooms
  • Attics
  • Under the sink
  • The corners of the basement
  • Behind furniture

Check out this other great article about preventing mold growth and complete information about mold removal.

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If you suspect your home or property may have mold growth, don't hesitate, give us a call today and schedule your FREE mold inspection. We will perform a free inspection and estimate on all visible mold growth.

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