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Mildew Removal

Window Mold TorontoMold on Windows TorontoMildew Removal is a process we perform daily.

There is not much difference in the process we follow between Mold Removal and Mildew Removal. Canada’s Restoration Services Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver performs Mildew Removal and guarantees no cross contamination based on the IICRC guidelines. Containments when needed, negative air pressure, green products, hepa vacuum and more.The process of Mildew removal changes from surface to surface,but the key elements need to be implemented all the time.

We perform:

  • Mildew Removal from dry wall
  • Mildew Removal from walls
  • Mildew Removal from wood
  • Mildew Removal from attics
  • Mildew Removal in basements
  • Mildew Removal from windows


Can I clean Mold or Mildew by myself?

Some mildew you can clean yourself, for instance if it is on window sills, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and floor tiles. However it is best to consult a professionial first before tackling.

Here are some tips to help you understand "How can you prevent Mildew"?

  • Clean dust.
  • Reduce Humidity levels.
  • Have sufficient air flow.
  • Wipe down the condensation that builds up in the winter.

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