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Prevent Mold Growth

How can we prevent Mold Growth?

1. Remember what causes Mold and look out for it: Mold needs organic material to be wet/damp with a lack of air flow to start growing. The air born Mold settles and Mold has a good environment to grow on.
A few Short examples:
  •   Dripping water/pipe under the sink
  •   Wood (most cases, left over by the builder) in a cold cellar, air flow not sufficient – Mold can grow on the wood.
  •   Condensation on windows,  dust that has built up  , and curtains or Blinds that prevent air flow.
 2. Dust control – Mold particles are smaller than dust, Mold  spores “attach” to the “dust particles”  and travels with dust.    Less dust=less Mold
 3. Address moisture issues.                                              
 4. Air Flow - we need to create air flow, especially in damp places:
  •   Lack of ventilation in the attic that has condensation problems can help mould grow.
One more common mistake that people make:
  • An area that has lack of air flow   -then a couch is set against the wall, if the humidity is relatively high, Mold may grow.
5. Bathroom fans- leave them on at least 20 Minutes after a shower.
Places Mold can grow that we do not look at on a regular base :
·         Windows
·         Cold rooms 
·         Attics
·         Under the sink
·         The corners of the basement
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