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Leak Detection

Canada’s Restoration Services inspects properties to identify leaks on a daily basis. We use cutting edge technology which includes thermal imaging, moisture meters, surface temperature meters, borescopes and more. All these tools help us pin point the source of water, whether it’s a pipe, foundation crack leading to seepage or condensation build-up.

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Thermal Euipment for Water Damage MeasurementMoisture MeterOur methods prevent removal of building materials when possible. The advanced technical equipment helps provide quick and accurate results, while also putting more money in your pocket. When dealing with a water damage, time is crucial. Mould grows with a water source, organic material (drywall, wood, etc.) and humidity, which is an unnecessary problem that can be avoided. Speak to an expert at Canada's Restoration Services once a leak in your home is detected.



Use of Leak DetectionTemperature ImageOnce we identify the source of the leak, our experts will provide you with various optimal solutions to fix the issue and prevent future leaks that can lead to secondary damage, including mold.

The above images indicate water damage issues in this ceiling and without the use of leak detection, one would never be able to detect it. Leak Detection can spot deficiencies before they are given the chance to cause major damages.

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In House Financing Available



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