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Do Insurance Companies Cover Floods?

Protecting yourselves is crucial in times of emergencies. Not knowing how everything is going to be fixed or how it will be paid for can be the most frightening part. Thinking that your insurance coverage will cover all of the costs of the damages and then being stuck with an enormous bill can be heart breaking.

The main questions is whether insurance companies will cover the costs of floods or not. The decision has yet to be final but here are some past experience pointers:
  • Commercial properties usually have flood Insurance built in, so the answer can be yes.
  • Residential is where is becomes “tricky”.
Insurance companies in Canada, specifically Calgary, do not cover floods. However, if the property owner has sewage back up coverage (where most do) and water did back up from the drains as well as through the doors /windows as we have seen so far in Calgary then there is a good chance the insurance company will not deny coverage.
Be sure to take as many pictures as possible as they can support the claim process. If you have an insurance broker, try and contact them to start to the process or if you have any doubts about your insurance coverage,


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