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Everything You Need to Know About Asbestos Removal in Beaconsfield

For asbestos removal in Beaconsfield, the experts at Canada's Restoration Services provide a full range of services, including testing, removal, and remediation. Our technicians are trained to expedite the entire asbestos abatement process for both residential and commercial properties.

CRS also offers asbestos testing in Beaconsfield for property owners who may find (or suspect) the presence of asbestos materials. Without doubt, asbestos can be a serious concern in a home or commercial building – the materials often pose health hazards for residents and occupants.

Working with Canada's Restoration Services, customers are assured of professional work that is done right. This isn’t the time for a DIY project, just to save a little cash. The process of asbestos removal and remediation requires a trained technician and professional on-the-job expertise.

Asbestos Removal in Beaconsfield

With so many asbestos removal contractors throughout the area, it’s important to choose wisely. Canada's Restoration Services has in-house professionals who follow all industry guidelines and protocols. Our technicians work safely to remove asbestos and eliminate all residual traces. They prevent cross-contamination so that residents and occupants aren’t exposed to any hazards.

There is no question that asbestos removal work is complex. Removal and remediation must be done properly and by certified technicians. Most importantly, safety precautions must be taken to protect workers and residents from air-borne asbestos fibres. There is no reason for a property owner to attempt asbestos removal – there’s far too much potential for serious health danger.

CRS also provides asbestos testing in Beaconsfield, using a third party laboratory to provide professional testing practices and verification. With every asbestos removal project CRS provides a comprehensive price estimate. When removal work is complete, we provide a formal certificate of completion that verifies the efficacy of our work (these are transferable to future owners).

A Comprehensive Approach

When it comes to asbestos removal, Canada's Restoration Services offers a very comprehensive process. We inspect each property from top to bottom and examine all asbestos-laden materials – from insulation, to piping, to ductwork, to HVAC systems. Our process is in-depth and thorough.

  • Inspection/Testing Process: The samples are delivered to a third party lab for accurate asbestos testing and verification 
  • Scope of Work Summary: Asbestos removal procedures will follow a scope of work based on inspection findings
  • Containment of the Space: Our certified technicians use industrial-grade negative air machines and air scrubbers 
  • Asbestos Removal Method: Technicians remove asbestos deposits, contain waste materials, and ensure disposal
  • Complete Cleanup Process: To complete the removal process, residual asbestos, fibres, and dust are eliminated
  • Final Project Clearances: An independent third party provides formal clearances for all work performed by CRS

For Asbestos Removal in Beaconsfield Count on Canada's Restoration Services

With Canada's Restoration Services, customers in Beaconsfield are assured of a high standard of workmanship from certified technicians (IICRC). Whatever the project size, we do our very best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

When required, CRS can provide around-the-clock service for customers. Find out more about asbestos removal in Beaconsfield by calling 1-888-551-0514 or visit us online.


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