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Asbestos Testing and Abatement in Mississauga

For professional asbestos removal in Mississauga, Canada’s Restoration Services provides full service – including testing, removal, and remediation. Our team of technicians is highly trained, with expertise in all aspects of asbestos abatement (both residential and commercial).

At CRS, we also provide asbestos testing in Mississauga, particularly for those property owners who suspect the presence of asbestos-laden material. Without any question, asbestos should be considered serious – there could be potential health risks for residents and occupants.

Working with Canada’s Restoration Services, homeowners are assured of work that’s done right the first time around. This isn’t time to be adventurous and try a project to save a little money. Asbestos removal requires experience and expertise, and the hiring of professional technicians.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Mississauga and Throughout the GTA

Clearly, there are numerous asbestos abatement companies in the region. What’s important however is to choose carefully. Canada’s Restoration Services provides asbestos professionals who follow industry guidelines and established protocols. Our people put in their best efforts to avoid any chance of cross-contamination ensuring residents and/or occupants aren’t exposed to risk.

Asbestos removal can be a complex undertaking. This procedure must be done right from the beginning to end – and always by experienced and certified technicians. Most important, exhaustive measures must be taken to protect workers and residents from any asbestos fibers. Property owners are advised to not attempt asbestos removal because the potential health dangers are simply not worthwhile.

CRS also provides asbestos testing in Mississauga. A third party laboratory does the testing and verifies the asbestos material (a mandatory part of the abatement process). On every project, we offer customers a comprehensive cost estimate. Once the removal of asbestos is complete, we provide a certificate of completion (certificates are transferable to the future property owner).

Canada’s Restoration Services Provides Thorough and Comprehensive Removal

Canada’s Restoration Services provides residential and commercial customers with the most comprehensive asbestos abatement services. We place safety measures all over the home extensively from top to bottom, including the insulation materials, plumbing pipes, ventilation ducts, and even the HVAC system.

Inspection and Testing: Asbestos samples are supplied to a 3 rd party lab for verification

Scope of Work Protocol: All abatement work follows a specifically defined scope of work

Containment Procedure: We use industrial negative air machines as well as air scrubbers

Removal of Asbestos: Certified technicians remove and contain all asbestos materials

The Cleanup Process: All residual asbestos fibers and dust are completely eliminated

Final Formal Clearance: An independent 3rd party provides formal clearance on all work

For Professional Asbestos Removal in Mississauga Choose the experts at Canada’s Restoration Services

With Canada’s Restoration Services, customers are assured of technicians who are IICRC certified and highly experienced with all types of asbestos. Whatever the project size, we do our best to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work performed.

When required, Canada’s Restoration Services services are available all the time for those customers in need. To find out more about asbestos removal in Mississauga, call 1-888-551-0514 or visit us online.

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In House Financing Available



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