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Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Removal in Kitchener

Canada's Restoration Services provides residential and commercial asbestos testing and asbestos removal in Kitchener and every major city across Canada. We are a nationwide industry leader in restoration services, specializing in asbestos, mold, emergency water damage, fire and smoke damage and re-construction. With over 15 years of experience, we are proud to announce that we have completed over 10,000 inspections and jobs. We conduct free asbestos inspections in Kanata and provide certificates on all asbestos projects that are transferable to new home buyers. 

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Asbestos Abatement in Kitchener 

If you suspect you may have asbestos and your home or building was built before 1990's, contact Canada's Restoration Services for a free asbestos inspection. During the asbestos inspection, our certified asbestos expert will assess the area and conditions. Within 24-48 hours, a report is sent to the customer outlining our findings and an estimate, along with a plan of action moving forward. 
Our asbestos inspector follows a strict step-by-step asbestos process for asbestos abatement in Kitchener. Our team of professionals are highly trained in asbestos and asbestos removal and follow IICRC guidelines. The asbestos specialists are dressed in protective clothing and equipped with the proper equipment for asbestos removal in Kitchener.
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The cost of asbestos removal in Kitchener varies and depends on a few factors, including where the asbestos is located, the amount of asbestos and the type of asbestos. When disturbing an asbestos product, extreme precautions must be taken to protect the worker from breathing in the fibers. Hiring the right asbestos removal company in Kitchener is essential to keeping your family healthy and safe.

Asbestos Testing in Kitchener 

An asbestos test may be required for certain suspected materials and needs to be performed by an accredited laboratory. Canada's Restoration Services works with a third party accredited laboratory that conducts asbestos testing in Kitchener within 48 hours. once the results are received, we will understand if there is asbestos present or not, the type of asbestos found and the concentration percentage. Be wary of companies who perform both asbestos testing in-house and asbestos removal. Following the asbestos inspection in Kitchener, we will be able to safely and effectively remove the asbestos from your home or business. 

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