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Asbestos Insulation vs. Asbestos Tiles

Asbestos insulation or tile removal in attics in the home requires care, diligence and you need to abide by Federal laws and regulations. Asbestos removal in attics requires a bit more attention to detail. It is best to wet the area to be worked on to eliminate fibers that are disturbed from becoming airborne and subsequently inhaled.

The next step would be to cover the attic in plastic and then to tape the edges of the plastic down to again prevent the asbestos fibers from becoming airborne. Make sure all seams are airtight. As you remove the asbestos the residue will fall onto the plastic and not onto the attic floor which would make the clean-up process more difficult.

Removal of asbestos insulation in the attic is imperative, as asbestos insulation and tiles deteriorate over the years and can break up and the fibers or dust can infiltrate the ventilation system and be inhaled by your family.

As with all projects that involve the removal of asbestos in the attic it is sometimes more cost effective in the long term to hire the services of a trained professional. A trained professional works within the parameters of the federal laws, and are generally covered should there be a problem during the removal or possibly at a later date.

As with all projects of this nature, purchase a respirator, protective clothing, goggles, shoes and gloves. Plus all the tools required to actually remove the asbestos in the attic that has been attached to the roof and possibly the walls of the attic. 

Take care to cover your hair as the asbestos fibers are likely to fall on your head, so a head covering is essential.

All the asbestos insulation, asbestos tile or vermiculite insulation removed from the attic needs to be bagged in specially designed asbestos disposal bags. You also need to double bag the asbestos removed from the attic. These bags may only be disposed of at a designated site for asbestos and hazardous waste products. Once the attic is cleared of all asbestos, you must spray the area with plain water, to ensure that the fibers cling to each other and do not become airborne. The plastic sheeting needs to be carefully rolled up and disposed of in the asbestos disposal bags.

Be very careful to remove your protective clothing and shoes before descending from the attic, to prevent the fibers, specifically on your shoes from contaminating your house. Remember not to remove your respirator until the last minute to avoid possible fibers that have adhered to your clothes, from being inhaled. Dispose of all protective clothing, shoes and gloves in the specially designed disposal bags.

Take cognizance of the fact that it is not only the inhalation of fibers and dust that are dangerous. The asbestos can cause eye and skin irritation so all areas of the body need to be covered and protected. And care needs to be taken not to allow any asbestos fibers and dust to infiltrate the home and affect your family members. Contact Canada's Restoration Services for asbestos removal Toronto and the GTA area at 416-479-8606.


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