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Asbestos inspections are necessary

Most of the pipe companies don’t like to discuss about Asbestos coating as these pipes only 25% asbestos use in this coating.  Asbestos was very popular until the clean air act was enacted in 1965. After this act asbestos are mostly missing in households. Due to lack of information, it is in use for wall and ceiling insulation in households and schools. Asbestos is very much friable and when it is in a soft, dry state, it can be inhaled by human and its effect is danger. Department of Environmental quality (DEQ) declared some regulation on the removal, making and destruction of asbestos.  People having certified and experienced techniques are allowed to remove asbestos. Asbestos is containing microscopic fibres. During the removal these fibres mixed with air. When people breathe in, it will be trapped in the lungs and stayed for many years. The effect of this asbestos is a disease called “Asbestosis “. Mesothelioma it is a rare cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, and also causes lung cancer. So avoid this type of hazards you need to stop the uses of asbestos. Asbestos has different types of colours. There are 3 types of the colour blue (crocidolite), white (chrysotile), and brown (amosite). Though, you can’t identify asbestos by its colour. 

In this condition of lungs people may have shortness of breath, coughing. That’s the reason you need a technical person for asbestos inspections in Toronto and the GTA. 

We provide 

Inspection about asbestos condition 

Proper removal of asbestos 

Relief in attics 

Proper use of HVAC system


The inspection of asbestos has to handle with proper care. We provide all kinds of asbestos inspection process and procedures. The job is done with several steps:

  • Find element asbestos on your property, this asbestos, whether created health hazards.
  • Selection of the particular place where asbestos is in use, check it harmful or not.  People who break the asbestos while doing their job, they are – plumbers, electricians, plasterers, telecommunication engineers, construction contractors, fire installers. If you have asbestos in your home, you have to be careful about the work of this group of people. If you really want to remove asbestos from your house you should be careful about the removal process. Here you should consult only with licensed contractors. Each province has its own regulation so you should consult with your local council. Apart from the contractors if you want to remove asbestos from your house you should wear respirators, shoe covers and protective suit and double coated gloves.


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