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A Beautiful Day In Calgary As Flood Begins To Leave City

 Calgary was faced with one of its’ worst weather issues to date after the flood that occurred this week. The storm created evacuation orders for over 175,000 residents in Alberta. There have also been three bodies found dead as a result of the flood. Further damage is still to be discovered, but the gruesomeness of the storm as it occurred definitely makes it seem that the after effects will be horrific and flood clean up will be no fun task.

Waking Up On June 22nd, 2013 in Calgary, Alberta

Many citizens of Calgary will have awoken with a glimpse of a happy future today. That is because the city began its’ day with a beautiful sunshine. Another reason to be happy about the weather’s outlook is because of the fact that the flood water levels have decreased quite a bit in the past day. There is also no expected further storm warnings that could worsen the situation at this point.

Where Is The Storm Heading?

The main concern at this point will be where the flood ends up. At this point, it is making its’ way downstream and will likely fill up in Elbow River and Bow River. It is expected that the majority of the flood will be absorbed in the first of the two. The water levels will take quite a few days before they decrease enough to make the city completely livable, but this is a start and definitely makes the city’s outlook much better than it was just a few days ago.

Dealing With The Flood Damage

The worst of it has yet to come for many residents of Calgary. What now has to be faced is dealing with the water damage and restoration process. The city itself has a strong head and heart in fixing the damage as quickly as possible, especially with the Calgary Stampede approaching in two weeks. West of Stampede Park is where some of the worst flood damage has occurred, which is one of the city’s target areas to fix up.

As a homeowner, you may find yourself responsible for dealing with the flood clean up. You may also have to work with a flood restore Calgary based company at your own expense to see that everything is returned to normal at your home. Dealing with a flooded basement, flooded attic, or any other form of water damage in your home can be stressful. That is why it is extremely important to find an emergency restoration service that can help you as soon as water levels are no longer a concern as you will want to make sure the damage does not continue to affect your home and life once the storm has passed.


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