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Asbestos Removal Ottawa

Free Asbestos Inspections in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas!

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Asbestos has become more well known over the past 10 Years and the affects it can have on ones health can be dangerous if not treated and removed properly.

At Canada's Restoration Services, we have the years of experience and training when it comes to safe asbestos removal. We put your health first; we follow all industry guidelines and do not cut corners. 

All asbestos work performed is guaranteed and a certificate of completion is provided on all work.

If you suspect your home or property contains asbestos, give your Local, Asbestos Removal Specialists a call - Canada's Restoration Services!



No Matter how Big or How Small, we can help!

From 1 sqft to 1000's of sqft - from residential to commercial to industrial, we have done it all.

A Certified Asbestos Inspector will come out to the proper to look at the suspicious material. If necessary a sample can be taken to a third party lab to be tested to see if in fact it does contain asbestos.

To learn more about Asbestos Testing, Click Here.

Once the sample has been tested, and it does contain asbestos; we will provide you with a detailed estimate and scope of work for the removals. A certified team will be scheduled to remove the asbestos and a certificate will be provided upon completion.

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the general name for a variety of natural fibrous minerals. The minerals have unique physical properties that have greatly encouraged a demand for it to be mined and used. After discovering its health hazards, demand for it has significantly dropped and asbestos mines have stopped functioning.

What was Asbestos used for?

At its height of popularity, asbestos was used extensively through different methods, but primarily it was used in building materials. Asbestos is known for its sound absorption, durability and resistance to fire, electrical and chemical damage. These characteristics, plus its affordability, made it the prime material to use for manufacturers and builders. Asbestos was best used as insulation, in walls or ceilings, or as electrical insulation, such as heating systems. It was also often mixed with other materials, making it commonly found in many household items. Asbestos has been found items such as: shingles and felt for roofing; pipe and boiler covering; compounds and cement, such as caulk, putty, roof patching, furnace cement and driveway coating; textured and latex paints; acoustical ceiling tiles and plaster; vinyl floor tiles; appliance wiring; hair dryers; irons and ironing board pads; flame-resistant aprons and electric blankets.

Why Hire a Professional to Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos has numerous of health concerns and can be a detriment to ones health if not properly handled and removed. By having and uncertified technician remove asbestos, it can release harmful invisible to the naked eye, fibres into the air that have been linked to lung cancer and other various cancers. By hiring the right company, you will have the piece of mind that all the harmful material has been removed properly and your building is safe.  

What are the Health Problems associated with Asbestos?

While some asbestos fibres are more dangerous than others, all pose serious health risks when exposed. Asbestos fibres can be released through various ways, one being; after repairs, maintenance and renovations, causing a disturbance in asbestos-containing structural materials. The damage to someone’s health from exposure to the fibres is dependent on a few variables: 
  • amount of asbestos fibres in the air
  • how long your exposure lasts
  • how often you were exposed
  • the size of the asbestos fibres inhaled
  • the amount of time since your first exposure
  • the type of asbestos fibre
Depending on the combination of these factors, health risks could range from mild to severe. The main concern is the damage it causes to lungs, once the fibres get lodged and impair lung function. Health risks that have often been observed in individuals exposed to asbestos have included:
  • asbestosis - a scarring of the lungs that makes breathing difficult
  • mesothelioma - an otherwise rare cancer of the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity
  • lung cancer
  • cancer of the larynx
  • ovarian cancer


Where can Asbestos be found?

Asbestos can be found in many area's of your Ottawa home or Property;

  • Asbestos Drywall & Asbestos Plaster
  • Asbestos Ceiling Tiles & Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Asbestos Textured Ceilings & Asbestos Popcorn Ceilings
  • Asbestos Pipe Wrap & Asbestos Duct Wrap
  • Asbestos Register Vents
  • Asbestos Insulation or Vermiculite Insulation

What is Vermiculite? Click here for more information.


Don't wait until it is too late! Trust Canada's Restoration Services for all your Asbestos Removal Needs!


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Mold Removal ReviewMold Removal
M. Frost in Edmonton - 10 January, 2017
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Very professional and explanation of what needed to be done. Work performed was excellent and done in a timely manner. Very friendly people and a pleasure to work with.

Water Damage ReviewWater Damage
M.G in Edmonton - 2 February, 2017
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Canada Restoration Services provided both a prompt and cost effective solution to my home related problem.

Their staff where on time, kept me informed, and left the worksite in a clean and tidy condition.

I would not hesitate to use their services again. 

Asbestos Removal ReviewAsbestos Removal
Elizabeth B. - 7 February, 2017
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Great company! I was in a rush as I had an offer on my house and the home inspector found asbestos around the register vents. I called Canada's Restoration Services and spoke to a lovely lady, Laura on the phone who was able to have a gentleman come out next morning to inspect. Aris arrived on time and provided me with an estimate on the spot. 

The teams were able to come next day to remove the asbestos and all was great!

Thank you so much Canada's Restoration Services :)

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