The Risks Of Leaving Water Damage Unattended

Water damage to your home can really affect the way it looks. In some cases fixing extremely water damage can be very costly. It is important to understand that if you notice any small water damage that you address it immediately. Water damage can escalate very quickly and cause permanent damage to your home. Water damage can occur because of a broken pipe or any adverse weather condition such as rain. For homes that are in colder climates, the pipes could be easily damaged and destroyed by the cold. This can lead to more serious problems, especially if you are not at home.

Water Damage: Minutes, Hours, Day and Beyond

Water damage escalates within the first few minutes of exposure to the water. Within the first few minutes the damage will spread to other areas that have already come in contact with water. The stains will spread all over your home from basement to attic. This can cause stains, mildew and mold to your furniture and appliances of your home. This water damage can also affect your personal items and clothing that may not be able to be replaced. Within hours the furniture of your home can start to become saturated with the water and swell up. In fact the walls of your home may begin to give in to the pressure building up by the water. This may cause cracks within the walls of your home.

Within days your entire home will begin to release an horrid odor that will fill up your nostrils. You will also notice fungus, mold and mildew forming all over your home. This will leave permanent damage to your home that will cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. Any metals within your home will begin to rust and the drywall within your home will begin to swell up. Any of the electrical devices within your home will be damaged beyond repair as it has been sitting in grey scale water for days. After weeks the situations will turn into a dire one. Your grayscale water problems will turn into a black water problem. The indoor air quality of your home will be very harmful for those that have respiratory issues.

If water damage is caught within the first few minutes of time then there is a greater chance of salvaging the home with minimal repairs. However days and weeks of water damage can lead to costly repairs and the possibility of your home being quarantined.

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