How Harmful is mold to my health?

The questions whether mold is harmful to pets as it is to humans is constantly asked. It is hard to say that mold is definitely harmful to pets. However, it does carry the same characteristics and results that it causes to humans. The signs of the symptoms can differ from animal to animal, which may make it more difficult to determine.

It is highly recommended to keep all areas secluded from animals when mold is discovered. When you have found mould that is reachable by any animal be sure to call a certified mold removal company. Reducing the mold spores in the air, especially those that are harmful, allows you and your loved ones breathe clean air.

In certain cases, depending on the type of mould growth, it is vital to keep any animals away from mold that causes “mushroom” growth. The environment may be susceptible to mould and fungi growth which looks like a mushroom. If this does grow, be sure to call a mold removal company right away and do not allow your pet to eat it.

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