What to Do in a Flood? Flooding in Toronto, Canada

Natural disasters can happen in a flash without any notice. Two great examples of this is High River, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario last year of the flash flooding and rising rivers. With major catastrophes getting any personal items out before they get destroyed is generally the first thought home owners have.

Weather specialists and meteorologist have called for major flooding like what we had in 2013 to be more common with weather change. Additionally, those living in Alberta must be careful at this time of year due to melting snow. With snow caps and rivers unfreezing, rivers are not always able to sustain the increased level of water. If increased levels of rain occur during the melting season, flooding will be more common and occur more often.

There is a limit of what a property can do in a time of emergency and extreme flooded. However, if there is a small level of flooding, homeowners can act proactively and ensure that the damage is limited and cost less. Ensure all sump pumps are working correctly (if you have them installed) and are pumping water away from your home. Guarantee that your home has sufficient air flow. This will allow water to dry out quicker and reduce the chance of mold growth or any other bacterial growth. Below are some further steps to take to limit the damage that can occur.

  1. First, move any furniture that is in the affected water damage area to a dry place. Any material that can absorb water, such as wood and fabrics, needs to be moved to avoid damaging the furniture.
  2. Try to find the source of the leak to stop the spread of water. If you cannot find the leak you should shut the main water off to the home.
  3. Call a professional plumber or the proper professional to fix the water leak. If you need assistance in connecting with the proper professional, we would gladly assist in recommending a company. We will also help find the leak when our technician arrives.

If you are put in a situation where your property is extremely flooded or damaged, it is vital that a professional restoration company is hired. Professional who have the proper equipment and certification will be able to remediate the situation at a lower cost. We will eliminate the chance of mold growth and eliminate any bacteria that has already contaminated the area.

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