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Restoring Water Damage In a Commercial Space

Water damage in a commercial space is more than just an inconvenience. There’s going to be physical damages, business interruption, and additional aggravation for tenants and/or residents.

Whatever the situation, there’s a need for commercial water damage repair – and very often the repairs are urgent. Whether it’s a water leak, a flood, or sewage backup, immediacy is critical.

Canada’s Restoration Services provides professional water damage restoration for all types of commercial spaces. Our aim is to remediate and restore the space to “pre-disaster” conditions.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, highly trained teams effectively deal with all types of water damage, offering comprehensive restoration that even includes “pack out” service and storage.

Common Causes of Water Damage

The source and cause of water damage in a commercial space can vary – it could be a natural flood from the outside; it could be a burst plumbing pipe, or it could be a failed appliance or piece of machinery. Whatever the case, professional water damage restoration is the best remedy.

A worst-case scenario is sewage backup, with probably the most severe consequences. Sewage backup definitely requires urgency and a cleanup protocol that includes both disinfection and sanitization of the entire space. This is not water damage that should be left unattended.

Urgent Response to Water Damage

With commercial water damage repair, the sooner the remediation begins the better. Immediacy is the key to avoiding additional material damages and ensuring the most effective restoration results. Delays will just provide more time for damage to ensue and more cost to clean up.

Canada’s Restoration Services combines science and experience when providing professional water damage restoration. We quickly assess the damage and we quickly recommend an action plan – from sourcing the cause of cleaning up the mess, to completing the full restoration.

Professional Restoration is a Must

With water damage in a commercial space, there’s no room for shortcuts or for a do-it-yourself remedy. The professionals at Canada’s Restoration Services follow established standards and protocols. We do not undertake remediation and restoration if we cannot deliver 100% results.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, in-house specialists are continually engaged in education and training, in an effort to keep ahead of the curve. Our technicians are IICRC Certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. We always do the work right the first time.

Choose Canada's Restoration Services For Commercial Water Damage Repair

Commercial property managers throughout the Greater Toronto Area can rely on Canada's Restoration Services for all types of water damage repairs and remediation. Whatever the disaster, our in-house specialists manage the restoration process from end to end.

We use advanced equipment to identify water-damaged areas and equally powerful equipment to dry out the affected areas. Restoration work is a step-by-step process that’s designed to restore everything to pre-disaster conditions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

When emergency services are urgently required, Canada's Restoration Services can provide an around-the-clock response. Commercial customers can find out more by calling 1-888-551-0514 or visiting the company website at www.canadarestorationservices.com.


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