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Teaching Tenants to Recognize and Prevent Mold

If you are a landlord and own one or more properties then this information is important for you.

Mold is a common pest in many households and for a more severe mold problem, a homeowner will contact a mold removal service to take care of the problem. If one of your tenants, however, has a mold problem then it is their responsibility to let you know about it so you can deal with it effectively. If a tenant ignores even a small mold problem it will just get worse and end up costing you more money in the long run.

Here are some tips you should type up and present to your tenants on ways to prevent mold:

  • After showering or bathing make sure to open the window and door wide to allow steam to escape.
  • After using the sink in the bathroom or kitchen, make sure to dry up any excess water that may have spilt or that remains around the faucets.
  • You can ask your tenants if they would like you to provide the home or apartment with a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier absorbs excess humidity in the air, which prevents the growth of mold.
  • Make sure that bookshelves, windows and air vents are regularly dusted as dampness and subsequently mold can develop in these areas.
  • If your tenants have area rugs strewn around, make sure to inform them to wash them regularly as mold can form underneath them.
  • If any liquids are spilt on carpeting, it needs to be dried out immediately.

Things for your tenants to look out for that might indicate the presence of mold:

  • Mold can be visible and range in colour from blue, black, green, red or yellow to white or grey.
  • An ‘earthy ‘ or musty smell.
  • If there are any leaks from piping, ceilings etc. A good indication of mold are discolorations or stains on the walls or ceiling or rust on any pipes.
  • If your tenant notices lots of condensation in the windows then this shows that your house has a high level of moisture. A dehumidifier can sort this out quickly.

       These are just a few great ways to make your tenants aware of mold and to show them different methods to prevent it. A mold problem is best treated right away, because it will just spread if left. Mold also poses some serious health risks to an individual’s health.

For more information on Mold in Rental Properties, check out this great blog,



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