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Clearance after Mold Remediation

What is Clearance? Why is it so important?

Clearance is an important part of the Mould Remediation protocol. Clearance is performed by a third party that verifies the Restoration Company has succeeded remediating the Mould, and the air quality is back to normal.

What is 3rd Party Testing?

Clearance or 3rd Party Testing is a seperate company that comes in and tests the air to ensure that the elevated mold has been brought back to normal. W.H.O. - World Health Organization as well as other government initiates defined that the Mould in the property should match the Mould found out doors under the same conditions. This company should not be that same company that performed the work; it needs to be a non-biased 3rd party company, hence the name.

Click Here > For more information on how Air Quality Tests are performed.

Canada’s Restoration Services encourages all our customers to request clearance after we perform the remediation. We guarantee we will pass clearance and are responsible for the positive results.

The third parties we work with are all Mould Certified. You can choose out of a long list of ours or independently appoint a company to come in for clearance.

Canada’s Restoration Services leaves our equipment on site (with no extra charge) until clearance is obtained.

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