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Mold Coverge plan

Mold covered ? will any insurance comany provide us with insurance for mould? 

Coverage for mold removal – “not insurance but like insurance for Mold”
Insurance companies do not sell a product that is an insurance policy for mold removal similar to water damage coverage. However, some Insurance companies will pay for mold removal if it is a result of water damage claim and the mold is most likely not pre existing.
Some of the reasons that mold is not covered by insurance is that mold can also effect our health. Since its hard to determine how much did the mold effect us (not the damage to the property) it is a grey area, insurance doesn’t like “grey” is usually covered or not covered.
Canada’s Restoration Services are testing the market place in order to provide a “maintenance contract” that essentially will cover all the costs of the mold removal from the insured property.
This coverage will require a very small monthly payment that can save thousands of dollars in case mold removal is required.
If you live in ON or QC and want to know more about this coverage plan for Mold, please email :
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